rvsm training course approval
FSDO Action
  • For Part 91 operators, your local FAA Operations Inspector accepts your training program.

    For Part 135 or Part 121 operators, your FAA Principal Operations Inspector (POI) approves your training program.

    The FAA inspector may accept your King Schools iLearn RVSM Course Training Completion Certificate, documenting completion of the course. Alternatively, he or she may choose to evaluate the program by reviewing either the syllabus or the course itself (see the excerpt from FAA Notice 8700.26, below).

FAA Headquarters Review
  • Although there is no requirement that an RVSM training course be accepted or approved by anyone above the FSDO level, the King Schools iLearn RVSM Course was reviewed in July 2004 by Mr. Robert Swain, the FAA DRVSM (Domestic RVSM) Program Lead and Oceanic CNS Program Manager at FAA Headquarters in Washington, DC.

How to Make the Course Available for FSDO Review
  • If your FAA Operations Inspector or POI would like to review the King Schools iLearn RVSM Course, we will gladly make a course available to him or her and also send an electronic file with the RVSM syllabus.
  • To make a course available to your FAA inspector, please contact:

    Rich Martindell Director of Course Development 858-576-6215 rmart@kingschools.com

Supplemental Information
  • The links below provide printable copies of the course syllabus, an excerpt from FAA Notice 8700.26 (Authorization Of Aircraft And Operators For Flight In Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum Airspace) that spells out the acceptable methods for an operator to show pilot knowledge of RVSM policies and procedures, and the full FAA Notice 8700.26.

  • Printable View

Syllabus for King Schools iLearn RVSM Course
(8 pages)
Excerpt from FAA Notice 8700.26 regarding Pilot RVSM Training
(1 page)
Complete FAA Notice 8700.26

(15 pages)